Melbourne Buyers Advocate: Richmond

The search time prior to purchase was approximately 8 months. Our buyer advocates assessed over 20 properties for our client and inspected 8 properties before buying the right property for the right price. Normally we would try to secure the selected property prior to auction, however in this case it was determined that the vendor wanted too much for the property prior to auction. We successfully purchased the property at auction for less than the buyer was prepared to pay prior to the auction. Within a four week period after settlement the property was leased to a good quality tenant by our property management team.

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Melbourne Buyers Agents: Balwyn North

This property was found after 5 months of searching and inspecting 12 other properties. The property had to go to auction due to the circumstances of the sale. We used our auction bidding strategies to secure the property for $60,000 less than what was determined to be market value. We also secured a longer settlement and a smaller 5% deposit than the 10% requested by the vendor. This allowed our clients to put down less money upfront and enough time to arrange plans for the new build.

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Melbourne Buyers Advocate: Fawkner

The search time for this client was 3 months. They were a first home buyer and wanted to secure a property prior to Christmas. We had assessed over 30 properties in different suburbs of Melbourne, we inspected 6 properties in Reservoir and Heidelberg West combined prior to purchasing the right property in Fawkner. The selected property was scheduled to go to auction early in the following year, however we arranged with the listing agent to inspect the property prior to the auction campaign. We ended up securing the property on Christmas Eve for our client prior to auction. We have achieved a rental return of 4.56% which is very strong for Melbourne.

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Buyer Advocates In Melbourne: Blackburn North

The search time for this client was 5 months. They had purchased with us before and wanted to continue to grow their property investment portfolio. We had assessed 17 properties in different suburbs of Melbourne, we inspected 5 properties in Blackburn South and Burwood combined prior to purchasing the right property in Blackburn North. The selected property was purchased at auction using our tried and tested auction bidding techniques. We purchased the property $120,000 below the buyer’s budget for this investment. The purchaser has since experienced significant capital growth with this property and has gone on to buy another property through Luxton

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Buyers Advocates In Balwyn North

We had a very tight and strict search time for this client of 6 weeks. They have developed several properties in the past and knew exactly what they wanted to buy. The agent was clear from the beginning that this property had to go to auction as it was a deceased estate. Deceased estates almost always go to auction, as they must be put to the market and sold publicly to ensure they receive a ‘market price’. We used our auction bidding strategy to secure the property for our client at auction against four other bidders for $1.389 million, well below our client’s budget. We also negotiated to pay a 5% deposit upfront instead of the standard 10% which meant they could put this money to other costs associated with the development.

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