How Using A Property Advocate Can Save You Thousands

Good Property Advice will help you to acquire the best properties in Melbourne at the best price. By using a property advocate, you can save thousands on your next property purchase.

property advocate

According to figures from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), Melbourne’s median house price is currently sitting at $770,000 and it seems to be continuing in an upward trajectory. As the demand for property in Melbourne continues to outpace the amount of available property (supply), stimulated by record low interest rates, strong demand from foreign buyers/investors, record high population growth and record low new building approvals, as a buyer it seems almost impossible to get your foot in the door.

Corelogic this week announced the top 25 performing council areas in Australia over the last 20 years for median house price growth. It was no surprise that Victoria accounted for 7 of the top 10 performing council areas in Australia including Monash, Whitehorse, Boroondara, Glen Eira, Maribyrnong, Yarra and Darebin. Out of the top 25 council areas in Australia, 17 were from Victoria. These results are staggering and really highlight the strength of the Melbourne property market. Melbourne property has been the most consistent performer in Australia over the last 20 years. While this gives buyers confidence, it also makes it harder for buyers as they are faced with more competition when looking to secure a property.

So how can you get ahead in such a strong market? Many buyers we come across have been looking for months, some even years before they finally decide that they need professional help. Most buyers are unaware that for a reasonably small fee they can get an experienced and qualified professional property buyer, also known as a buyer’s property advocate or buyer’s agent, to take care of the entire property purchase process from start to finish. Here’s how hiring and using a property advocate in Melbourne could potentially save you thousands off your new property purchase:

  1. Off-market property purchase: Property advocate professionals have access to properties that never hit the market. This means the property is never advertised for sale, so you don’t have to compete with the masses, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars on the purchase price.
  1. Expert Negotiators: Using a property advocate that has been in the industry for over a decade like we have, has had to negotiate hundreds of property purchases. Therefore we understand how to deal with real estate agents and we know how to get the best price for our clients. We know how to remain objective and therefore don’t get emotional about the property when we are negotiating, a crucial mistake buyers make in which they tend to overpay. Sales agents are also expert negotiators and know how to use buyer’s weaknesses to their advantage to get the best price for their client, the vendor. When you have a buyers advocate representing you, it levels the playing field with the agent and gives you the upper hand over other buyers that aren’t represented.
  1. Property knowledge: The biggest issue Melbourne property buyers face is misunderstanding price quotes and information they get from sales agents. Buyer’s advocates have a thorough understanding of property values and price metrics, they are also accustomed to dealing with sales agents and interpreting agent lingo/talk. This saves our clients from wasting their time and puts them well ahead of the game.

We customise our buying strategy depending on our client’s needs, timeframe and budget. If you’re looking to buy a property in Melbourne, unless you’re a seasoned buyer or have an expert on your side, it is highly likely that you will pay a lot more for a property than you would if you were represented by a buyer’s agent. This is because without the necessary tools, experience, knowledge and exposure to the industry you are likely to get emotionally attached and overpay, or buy the wrong property out of frustration. Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and likely to be the most expensive investment you’ll make. Why would you leave your purchase to chance?

At Luxton Property Group we specialise in purchasing property for home buyers & Investors. You might just be starting out in the property market or be a seasoned property investor looking for an edge. The above is just a small glimpse in to how we save our client’s money. We have been buying property for over a decade and have a superior buying service at a more affordable price.

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